Ted Cruz Suspends his Campaign


May 3, 2016 (INDIANA) After a shellacking, Ted Cruz suspends his campaign to the White House. With this development, Donald Trump is well on his way to become the standard bearer of the Republican party. The numbers are not fully in yet, but Trump got 51 percent of the vote and 45 delegates Cruz reached 37 percent.

He ended his address to supporters and embraced his family. He also thanked Carly Fiorina who accepted to run as his vice presidential choice but a week ago. He needed to win in Indiana to remain in the race. Trump is now the presumptive  nominee of the Republican party. There is no way that Governor John Kasich can hope to stop Trump.

This is a state that was made for Cruz. and the question will remain, after the bitter campaign will Cruz endorse Trump?

Update: GOP Chairman Reince Preibus concedes Trump will be the nominee on Twitter.

. will be presumptive nominee, we all need to unite and focus on defeating


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