State of the Race after Indiana

May 4, 2016 (San Diego) As of this morning here is the pledged delegate count for Secretary Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders. As of this morning Clinton has 1703 delegates and Sanders has 1415. They need 2383 to win the nomination outright, without super delegates counting on the floor at Philadelphia.

At this point neither candidate is expected to reach those numbers. As of now roughly 900 delegates are still up for grabs. So while the Republicans are not going to have a brokered convention at this point, they almost did, the Dems still might have a floor fight.

Both are separated by 288 delegates and the map is more favorable to Sanders at this point, so it will get closer. The proportional rules is what is making it impossible for Sanders to catch up. What is at stake is party unity, and given how vitriolic the exchanges have become on line, and the statement from Debbie Wasserman Shultz that she would rather have all primaries closed, the party itself is pushing away it’s left wing.

With Donald Trump as the presumptive nominee we expect Democrats to go once again to a familiar fear driven well, who are you going to vote? TRUMP? There is a danger that voters will stay home in November on both sides. Low turn out elections do not favor democrats.

One final note, just crossed the wires. John Kasich is also suspending his campaign.

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