David Horowitz at San Diego State

May 5, 2016 (San Diego) The atmosphere was tense. David Horowitz was coming to San Diego State to speak as a guest of the student Republican Club. This visit comes in the wake of student unrest over the presence on campus of posters listing names of students belonging to the Muslim Student Association, as well as students who support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS) against Israel.

Campus police, as well as the university, were expecting a counter protest. They had officers from San Diego Police on scene, as well as Elite Security. David Horowitz came to a media press conference, escorted by two undercover officers. The Muslim Student Association asked their members and allies not to even knowledge Horowitz presence on campus.


David Horowitz

In his statement Horowitz said “In the last three days we’ve had a demonstration of exactly what the state of free speech is at San Diego State University. My Freedom Center put up posters around the SDSU Campus calling support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel “jew hatred” and listing the names of leaders of this movement at SDSU. The view that BDS is an anti-Semitic campaign that seeks the destruction of the Jewish state is a conclusion drawn by Larry Summers when he was a president of Harvard, by Harvard law professor Allan Dershowitz, by the Anti-Defamation league and by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, among many other liberal figures and institutions.”

He also said that the BDS campaign is inspired by the terrorist organization Hamas. (Hamas has been listed as a terrorist organization by the State Department. )

Horowitz also said that “the president of Students for Jutice in Palestine and his allies denounced this author as a proponent of hate space even tough the sentiment expressed on the posters was anti-hate speech, demanded that I be condemned by the university administration, and that the administration make them safe from having to confront an opinion they opposed- namely that BDS was an anti semitic movement.” Horowitz said that San Diego State University President Elliot Hirshman was intimidated by the students. According to Horowitz this is a tactic used by the BDS movement. He was also critical of the Union Tribune editorial board, which called him a bigot, essentially.

He also alleged that the Republican club was attacked on their Facebook page by the members of these two organizations because they were inviting him to speak at school. We checked. And as of the time of our checking, 8:30 at night, either they have not received any threats, or they have a very good page administrator. We are open to both possibilities

During the question and answer period, he did state that the names were put on the fliers becuase those students need to be held accountable for their views. He was asked about the claims by these students, they allege that they have been included in the no flight list, and might have trouble with future job or educational prospects. Horowitz said “if the FBI puts students on a no fly list becuase they have formed a political organization to support a terrorist organization that spreads propaganda lies, your complaint is with the FBI.”

When confronted about listing names, Horowitz said, “these are Jew Haters, their agenda is genocidal.”

Reporting San Diego asked about Hillel San Diego condemning the list of actual names in the fliers. Horowitz said “The Hillels are intimidated by this atmosphere on the campuses.” Moreover, the person who gave that statement “is a disgrace for doing it. There is a whole history, look at the 30s. there were a lot of Jews who collaborated with the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto (this is true, but it was not the 1930s, but doing the active phase of the Holocaust between 1941 and the final extermination of the Warsaw ghetto after the uprising in 1943).” He also added that the Jewish Council had the names of every jew that was rounded up and sent to the extermination camps. He concluded, “I look at that statement in that light.”


He was also asked about the classification by the Southern Poverty Law Center of his Freedom Center as a Hate Site. He called that a smear campaign against him. He also denies that he has uttered anti-Muslim views.

He ended by stating that president Hirshamn has to be intimidated due to what happened at the University of Missouri where the President was forced to resign last fall, as well as the Chancellor.


National Action Network Shane Harris Calls for Resignation of SDSU President



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