Republican John Renison Running Against Democrat Toni Atkins


May 12, 2016 (San Diego) The race for the 39th State Senate seat, contesting veteran Assembly Woman, and former leader of the State Assembly, Toni Atkins. We sent all candidates for office in this district the same questionnaire last night. John Renison answered today. Our only corrections if there are any, will be for spelling. You also can find more information at his campaign site, here.

A brief biography? Introduce yourself to voters.

I am a serial entrepreneur that wants to bring business sense back to California. We need to pass legislation that offer an opportunity for the free market to thrive. California is incredibly over regulated and is not business friendly. We are missing out on the opportunities the on demand economy has to offer, decent jobs, jobs for single moms and senior citizens.

Government is too involved in our live and it has to step aside and let hard working families earn a living freely.


Why are you running?

To break Sacramento gridlock and recover our values as a State

In broad strokes, are are your legislative goals in the CA Senate?

Introduce common sense legislation with transparency.

Some of the legislation passed this year includes the minimum wage increase and raising the smoking age up to the age of 21. These are not outliers in typical legislation. What are your views on this?

The increase in min wage is not the way to solve our problems. The problem is cost of living and hidden taxes. The increase in min wage does not equal $15. The cost will be higher than $20 because you have to add workers compensation and other employment aggregates.

 How would you push forward the economic development of the state from the
Finding ways to get the community involve and create focus groups of people that are smart and know how to get our State where it should be.

Law and order


Legislation this year has included more oversight over police as well as increased training into racial profiling (AB 953) which has become law. How do you view this kind of legislation? 
I would not call it racial profiling I would call it common sense. Law enforcement has to be able to identify high risk individuals and in order to do that, they need to be trained to use psycho analytical skills. As far as oversight over police, just like anyone else everyone needs to be accountable.


Are you in favor of making it state law to use body cameras?

Yes, to avoid victimization and false accusations.

And how would you deal with the privacy rights implications of this?

I would have to analyze the situation closely and have experts in privacy rights weigh in on it.

Reentry is a hot issue these days, since the Federal Government ordered the prison realignment in 2012, how does the state improve the chances of former inmates to enter civilian society and not reoffend?

Making sure former inmates are mandated to participate in an re-entry program before release.

Are you in favor or against removing the box stating status as a felon in employment forms? 

No. Employers have the right to know their complete background.

Relations between police and civilian communities of color are a real issue in CA. How would you work to improve these relations?
Depends on the issue. We have to stop victimizing. We are all the same, color or race should not matter.

Fire Fighting and AB 32

The district you would represent has a risk of wild fires. CAL FIRE recommends 100 feet of clear space. How could this be enforced in the urban setting, where urban canyons are still wild and areas?


There is technology that can help us identify high risk areas and notify of any potential threats. Planning ahead and giving CAL Fire the necessary resources to be pro active is key.

California has been leading the country in Climate Change legislation. How would you deal with this issue in the legislature?


Cultivate a environment of common sense when it comes to pollutants and dangerous emission. Air Pollution control should be well equipped.

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