Louis Rolodico Running for District 1, San Diego City Council

May 16, 2016 (San Diego) Here is the first of our candidates running in this case for District One for the San Diego City Council.He is Louis Rolodico and you can find more info at his campaign site.

The seat held by Sherri Lightner is being termed out.

Only corrections we will do are spelling.


The 1st District contains both firmly middle class areas and higher income areas, How do you intend to represent both in City Council?

Both the middle and upper class want to see; safety, good schools, transportation etc.

What are your major legislative goals for the city?

Build the Regents Road bridge, properly locate fire stations, up the minimum wage, actually enact the Climate Action Plan and stop talking about it.


One of the current theories of urban development is the smart city, with compact dense development around transport hubs. What are your views of this kind of development?

This is precisely what we need in UTC, see attached slide. Moving Coaster and Surfliner lines just east of I-5 and adding stations at Nobel and Voigt is both a transportation and Climate Action Plan winner.

Climate change is affecting the San Diego region already. We have a climate change plan. How would adaptation look in working class areas versus middle class areas of the district?

Working class would need more efficient public transit, the same with middle class with an emphasis on solar and other renewable energy systems.

Specifically to the 1st district, how do you intend to encourage the research that is a strong component of the local economy and balance it with a service economy?

UTC is our research engine but now there is an issue with “Trips” when a new facility or the expansion of an existing facility is contemplated. We need to build the Regents Road bridge to relieve traffic congestion in UTC

The Chargers is a sticky point. With a 1.7 billion deficit in infrastructure spending, what is your view of the expansion of the civic center and building a new stadium, using about 350 million in city funds?

How do you intend to deal with this funding issue? No taxpayer dollars for a new stadium. The NFL is the 106th richest company in the US according to Standard and Poors. The NFL will need to acquire their own land, hire their own design team, build their own facility and demolish it at their own expense when they are through. A TOT tax for a contiguous expansion of the Convention Center is a good idea, it is what Comic con and other users have requested. The TOT would have to have the support of the City and the Port.


The relationship with SDPD is not good in some ares of the city. How do you think this could be improved? What steps could the department take?

Body cameras are a great first step, keeping our trained officers on the job with good pay and benefits.

Fire protection is important in this town. With climate change we have more wild fires, including urban canyons. What kind of preparation would you be in favor off; would mandating 100 feet of brush clearance be even feasible in the city? The district has had canyon fires in the past, some of them significant.

Our fire companies can only do so much when there is a conflagration. It is important that the infrastructure is in place to move equipment and allow residents to flee. This is one of the reasons that I support the construction of the Regents Road Bridge. Brush clearance is definitely a good idea.


 One of the issues that really has hit hard people in lower income brackets are precisely the low wages we have, Are you in favor or against Prop I, and why?

Yes having a higher minimum wage helps workers afford the housing that is available and helps with the low income housing shortage. A higher wage takes people off of public services like food stamps and section 8 housing.

The cost of housing in San Diego is among the highest in the nation. What are some of the steps that could be taken to ease that cost for San Diego Residents?

Higher minimum wage. Change code to allow for granny flats and other small living units. Allow denser construction in some areas but keep parking off the street.

San Diego is the 4th most expensive city in the country, any plans on how to deal with that?

Housing is but one aspect to this. San Diego is a desirable place to live and that drives up prices for almost everything. Upping the minimum wage helps and cheaper mass transit helps move people to where the jobs are and lower our carbon load.



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