Prop A June Election, Redistricting Commision


May 19, 2016 (San Diego) Redistricting is one of those critical functions that occurs every ten years, after the census. In the city of San Diego it is handled by an non partisan commission of 7 people. The charter review has recommended that the number go up to 9. It has also recommended that the city council is completely removed, even potentially, from the process.

Currently the council could appoint members to the commission as a last resort.

This would also mean that instead of the council, the city clerk would fill that function. Members of the commission are retired judges, and they also have to have a working knowledge of the communities they intend to redistrict.

Removing any chance of a conflict of interest is a good idea. Since even the perception of a conflict can land any redistricting plans in the courts. Also having an independent commission allows for more balanced district. This will affect the 2020 redistricting plan, after the census.

You can find more at ballotpedia.

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