Assemblywoman Gonzalez Spurs Audit of State Payroll System That Led to Thousands of Late Paychecks for IHSS Caregivers


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May 26, 2016 (SACRAMENTO) An audit request by California State Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) to examine reports of delays and technological deficiencies in the state government’s  processing of timesheets for the state’s In-Home Supportive Service program was approved today by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee on a unanimous 11-0 vote.


In recent years, the system for processing IHSS payroll has been plagued by reports of thousands of individual employees, who largely live paycheck-to-paycheck, regularly experiencing delayed timesheets and payments. The current system requires handwritten timesheets which may not be corrected if an error is made, and requesting a replacement timesheet can delay payment by a week or more. The process is further slowed by requiring that all timesheets be physically mailed to a single, central location, adding days of transit time to delivery of payment. Close to 400,000 IHSS workers provide critical services for approximately a half million Californians throughout the state.


“Ensuring an efficient and reliable system of payment for home healthcare workers is important, and this audit will provide a neutral analysis which allows us to assess opportunities for improvement throughout the existing process,” Gonzalez said.


The Joint Legislative Audit Committee independently and through the work of the California State Auditor’s Office (CSA) oversees the operations and finances of government and publicly created entities. The JLAC reviews and takes action on audit requests, which are submitted to the Committee from any Member of the Legislature. It also monitors government operations through oversight hearings. The JLAC is a 14-member committee consisting of seven Assembly Members and seven Senators. The Chair of the Committee is a member of the Assembly and the Vice Chair a member of the Senate. Approval of an audit request required majority support from members of both chambers.


The audit is sponsored by United Domestic Workers/ AFSCME Local 3930, Service Workers International Union State Council, and the California Association of Public Authorities (CAPA).


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