Candidate Questionnaire: Dr. Juan M. Bribiesca


This is continuing our series of candidate questionaries, and we are linking to Doctor Juan Bibriesca’s website as well. He is running against Democrat Toni Atkins. As we have stated before, all we did was format the answers.

Introduction to voters

Biography and elevator statement

My name is Dr. Juan M. Bribiesca, I am a retired Medical Doctor from Mexico, a Cardiovascular Perfusionist and a College Instructor.

I was born and raised in Tijuana Mexico, and I am the first Mexican born Candidate Running for California State Senate in the history of California.

I lost my father when I was very young, and my family was very poor. From that I learned the hardships in life such as being   homeless. It was our mother’s love, strong moral, religious and ethical values that she instilled on us to always have respect for others, work hard and to never leave school.

So with determination and perseverance and sacrifice I became a doctor. I am part of the first graduation class of the Autonomous University Of Baja California School of Medicine.

As a boy, I always dreamt of coming to the United States to follow the American dream. As an adult, I fulfilled that dream after several years of waiting to become a legal immigrant. I later went on to earn my citizenship and through hard work succeeded in owning my own businesses.

During my professional career, I obtained five degrees in the medical field and dedicated my service to the care of all people. Over my 37 year medical career I helped saved thousands of lives.

If elected State Senator I will be focusing on prevention and a common sense approach to government (taking care of the causes, not the consequences). This seemingly simple approach is lacking currently in Sacramento.

Personally, I have always had conservative values, as most Hispanics do. I am a man of faith, a pro-life advocate, and a believer that traditional marriage is the foundation of our society. I have been a member of the Republican Party since earning my citizenship in the 1980’s. I believe in doing what is right, not what is popular, or just what is popular with special interest groups. If elected to office, I hope to work with my Republican colleagues to:

  • Create higher paying jobs (Less government expense and more buying power)
  • Lower taxes for individuals and businesses in California
  • Improve the education system (which has fallen from top ranked to 43th in the nation in recent years)
  • Decrease government regulation (bring more companies to and keep companies in California)
  • Environmental laws that make sense, supporting economic growth and ensuring protection of the environment at the same time
  • Establish a good infrastructure to ensure adequate water supply for California’s needs
  • Keeping California citizens safe and securing our borders
  • Defend our Constitution(2nd Amendment )
  • Pension Reform

I am the Second Vice President of the Latino-American Political Association of San Diego (LAPA, SD). Our mission: LAPA is a non-partisan political organization whose mission is to promote leadership and unity in the Latino community and promote an increase Latino participation in the political process and representation in government. Also, I have been a member of the Escondido Republican party since 2006 and a supporting member of the Republican Party of San Diego County Chairman’s Circle donor club and The Eagle Forum of San Diego

One of my goals is to tap into the Latino community, since Latinos are now the majority of the population of California. I believe that we, as republicans and citizens of this great state, must reach out to the Latino community and include them as conservative candidates . I am a candidate running on traditional principles and values and I hope that I can gain your support.


Juan M. Bribiesca, M.D.

Candidate for California State Senate (District 39)   (858) 603-6848



Why are you running?

To bring back the will of the people, to improve the lives of all Californian’s, and do what is best for all the citizens not a few. Remembering we work for the people that elect us not the other way around.

In broad strokes, what are your legislative goals in the CA Senate.

To craft and pass bi-partisan legislation that will improve the lives of all Californians.

Some of the legislation passed this year includes minimum wage and increasing the smoking age up to 21. What are your views on this?

I do not support a minimum wage increase, but I do support a minimum living wage. In California, even with the hike in minimum wage, it’s still too low to live in California. But only for companies having a minimum revenue amount, the rest are exempt.

Smoking age should be increased to the same age as alcohol . It’s like drugs and alcohol, it does damage to the body. Even though the rhetoric about how some will still have access to it, it should be the same law as alcohol.

How would you push forward the economic development of the state from the legislature?

By balancing the powers of the political parties.

Law and Order

Legislation this year has included more oversight over police as well as increased training into racial profiling (AB 953). How do you view this kind of legislation?

I am not for additional oversight we need to monitor what is currently required. I am in favor of more training in racial profiling as it will help those that do see through things more and make better decisions. Every profession has training to keep up to date and insure the rules are followed correctly; racial profiling is no different.

Are you in favor of making it a state law to use body cameras?

Yes. We are paying with tax dollars and police officers should be forced to have them on , all time while in the job, no excuses. If you turn off your cameras during an incident ,the officer should be suspended without pay, no exceptions. What we need is accountability of all law enforcement officer, making sure that also they are well paid, well trained and equipped.

How does the state improve the chances of former inmates to enter civilian society and not reoffend?

Study and follow the way Germany handles their criminals and the percentage that goes back is much lower than the one’s here. Are you in favor or against removing the box stating status of a felon in employment forms? I’m against it. However, it must have a disclaimer statement explaining exemptions.

Relations between police and civilian communities of color are a real issue in CA. How would you work to improve these relations?

Bring both segments to meetings and classes outside the street or police stations. Start slowly rebuilding trust. Reward those who work with each other

Fire Fighting and AB 32

The district you would represent has a risk of wild fires. CAL FIRE recommends 100 feet of clear space. How could this. be enforced in the urban setting, where urban canyons are still wild in areas?

Making sure that you are allowed to clear as much brush as possible away from your homes, without the environmentalist interfering on insignificant things.

California has been leading the country in climate change legislation. How would you deal with this issue in the legislature?

I will make sure new laws make common sense to continue to have the economy continue to grow and at the same time will protect the environment .


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