Elections are Coming, Critical Information


June 2, 2016 (San Diego) At this point it is impossible to ignore, There is an election coming. It is next Tuesday, June 7. Not only are there issues to be decided at the national level, but there are many issues to be decided locally. Judges are on the ballot, so are propositions, and a few other other things.  We have covered the propositions for the City and a few candidates already in the 2016 June Election area of the site.

For the first time in many years we also have an open primary for the US Senate Seat, since Barbara Boxer (D) is retiring.

If you are a Republican, or a Democrat, you are set. If you are a No Party Preference Voter you will need to take an extra step. These three parties allow you to vote in their primaries, but you need to request the partisan ballot:

  • American Independent Party
  • Democratic Party
  • Libertarian Party

If you are offered a provisional ballot refuse it and call the state, immediate to report this. Other numbers will be updated as they become available.

English: (916) 657-2166 or (800) 345-VOTE (8683)
Spanish: (800) 232-VOTA (8682)

You can also call the San Diego Registrar here.

All other parties have their primaries closed, So if you are not registered with them, you will not be able to vote. Moreover, there is no same day registration in California.


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