Prop C: City of San Diego


June 2, 2016 (San Diego) This is part of the series of proposals to clean up the bond process. Prop C will bring Ad Valorem tax levies, that is property taxes, in line with the state and Prop 13. This does not raise any taxes.

You can find the full text here

This will bring the city in line, and repeals the provisions in the city charter that allowed the city to raise taxes, but cannot be raised due to Prop 13 and state law. This was issued by the San Diego City Attorney:

The City continues to be able to levy lawfully imposed ad valorem (based upon value) property taxes, but is not able to set the general rate of taxation because this authority has been superseded by state law. The City is permitted to use San Diego County’s system for the assessment and collection of property taxes, but is not required to do so. The City’s Chief Financial Officer is authorized to set the legally allowed tax levy in the event that the City Council fails to act in a timely manner to set the tax levy. If approved, the proposition would amend the Charter to remove the limit on the tax levy, as this has been superseded by state law.

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