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June 2, 2016 (San Diego) When San Diego voters adopted the strong form of mayoral government, the city charter did not reflect it. Under a strong from of government the mayor acts an executive and the city council as the legislative branch. One of the things that the city council did before this change was set salaries. The city also had a city manager, that functioned in some ways the way the mayor in a strong form does.

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This will clean the charter up. It will remove some things from the charter, like the city manager, but add authority for council to set the mayor’s and independent budget analyst and will also clarify who sets wages and salaries, The following section comes from the city attorney’s opinion on this.

As a general rule, the power to appoint an officer or employee includes the power to set salary or wages. Thus, the pay rate for most City employees is established by the City department director or designee, where the employee works, in accordance with compensation schedules established by the Council and applicable civil service rules. In several instances, however, the Charter specifies who fixes the salary of Charter-created officers.

If approved, the amendments in this measure would update the list of those officers and employees whose salaries are fixed by the Council, in accordance with the City’s Strong Mayor form of government.

The amendments specify that the Mayor’s salary is fixed by the Council, in accordance with Charter section 24.1.

The amendments would add the City Auditor and the Independent Budget Analyst to the list of officers whose salaries are established by the Council. This language is in accordance with Charter section 39.1, which states that the Council sets the City Auditor’s annual compensation, following a recommendation by the City’s Audit Committee. The language also follows Charter section 39.3, which states that the Council appoints the Independent Budget Analyst.

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