Prop E: San Diego


June 2, 2016 (San Diego) Prop E is an effort to bring the budget process, not just in line with the strong form of government, but also to consolidate the process into one section of the city charter, It is truly a clean up effort to make, what at times seems like a Byzantine process, easier to follow.

You can find the full text here

It also would reflect current practices, such as the five year outlook plan, released every year, that helps in planing and priority setting. From the city attorney’s office.

If approved, this proposition would consolidate all Charter provisions dealing with approval of the budget and adoption of the appropriation ordinance in one section in Article VII. Additionally, the proposition provides detail regarding the budget approval process to reflect practices that evolved after the Strong Mayor form of government was adopted. The proposition also would remove outdated procedures and titles and update position titles in the Charter. No new positions are created.

The proposition would require the Mayor to propose a balanced budget for the Council’s consideration and sets forth milestones prior to the budget’s presentation. The Mayor would begin by preparing a multi-year financial outlook projecting anticipated revenues and expenditures in future years. Councilmembers would then be required to prepare budget priority memoranda. The Independent Budget Analyst would analyze the memos and send them to the Mayor for consideration. The Mayor would be required to present the proposed budget to the Council no later than April 15.


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