Americans Dominate San Diego Rock n’Roll Marathon


Photos: Tom and Nadin Abbott

June 5, 2016 (San Diego) The Rock n Roll Marathon came and went. The first to leave the start line were those on very specialized wheelchairs. These athletes are not using their legs, during this grueling course. They are using their arms. These too are top level athletes. They train just as any other. Some are veterans of the armed forces who lost the use of their legs in the service of their country.

Then came the runners. The Marathon has attracted some top level athletes for some years. Single number bibs are given to those who are professionals and run though the circuit.

The full marathon was won in the men’s division by Eric Noel, sporting bib 3. He is from Nebraska. His time was 2:26:39. He ran a fast course, averaging 5 minutes with 36 seconds per mile. He was ahead of the next runner up, Franklin Tinorio from Ecuador. He ran the course at 2:34:37, about 8 minutes behind the winner. He represented his country in two olympic games, and his best was at Rome in 1998.

McKale Davis from the United States topped the women, she ran the course in 2:56:16. She is from Fairfax Arizona, and is 27. Davis has also placed consistently at the top of marathons she has run over the last three years.

She is  and was followed by Maija Hitchings, who ran this at 3:03:09. She is an assistant coach at Cal State LA and is a recreational runner. She also tends to place high in the standings.


Bessy Leszczyinski 3 Place

Bessy Leszczyinski is a San Diegan and placed third in the race for the women.

The weather cooperated, while we expected a heat advisory, it was cool, even with some sprinkles on the coast. There were also water stations set long the route, as well as bands playing as the runners came by.


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