A Trump and Clinton Supporter Speak

Editor’s note: We are putting the two interviews is the order they were done.

June 8, 2016 (San Diego) There will be a lot of political analysis, and where political races ended, and why they matter. The results are what they are. But there is also another side to politics. It is not just the politicians, or party machines, but those very committed followers of candidates. Why they chose a candidate can at times tells us a lot about how they expect to be governed. Reporting San Diego talked with a Donald Trump supporter and a Hillary Clinton Supporter. It happens to be that both were women.


Jinger Matuzas

Jinger Matuzas came all the way from Indiana to celebrate the Trump victory in town. She has a home in Valley Center, a semi-rural area of North County. She also grew up in Imperial Beach. She is the daughter of a Naval aviator. So she has travelled around the world.

We asked Matuzas what she wants Trump top do, and she said “I am looking forwards to something getting done, for a change.” She believes that Trump will create “jobs for all Americans, not just a special group, but everyone.”

She also added, that she hopes “the American people realize Mr. Trump is only one person, he is a leader.” In reality she said it was up to us to also “working in our communities, taking care of things we have been thinking our government has to take care off.” She also believes “that mothers and families should feel safe. I would like to have a border, not because I don’t want anybody coming in, but becuase I want those coming in to really want to be Americans.”
Lastly she addressed education and the military, She wants our education system to be the top system ever, not number 27. As to the military she believes that a strong military is important for the country. Her priorities, at least for this voter, were crystal clear.


Anne Hoiberg

We also talked with Anne Hoiberg, past President of the Women’s Museum of California. Reporting San Diego asked about this historic moment, a women is being nominated by a major party in the United States to the Presidency. She told Reporting San Diego “we know women are wonderful leaders, and it’s about time our country had a woman leader.” She added that our male leaders seem “only capable of making wars, and continuing wars. We need a woman to bring peace to the world.”

Well also asked on police, what she expected from a Clinton Presidency. Holberg said “I expect Hillary to be highly effective. She has amazing credentials when it comes to her work as Secretary of State, not to mention when she was Senator.”

Reporting San Diego also asked Hoiberg what she would tell to the young regarding this moment. She said, “We’ve had other women run for the Presidency dating back to 1870. (Editors note, women could not vote in 1870,) but this is the closest we’ve come in all these years. We are way overdue.”

She added, proudly, “If we are going to be the leader in the world, we need have a woman leading”

We did ask about women leading other countries, and she quipped, that most recently there were 4 women presidents in South America, it is time of the United States to catch up.


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