June Primary Round Down House and Senate

June 7, 2016 (San Diego) Elections are always interesting, especially when you have an open Senate seat. This is the case this year since Senator Barbara Boxer (D) is retiring. The office was contested by many democrats and republcians, but due to the modified run off electoral system, the two candidates advancing to the November General Election are democrats. They are Kamala D. Harris, California Attorney General, who led all night both in the County and the state and Congress Woman Loretta Sanchez.

On a political level, the idea of this modified run off, was a Republican idea. Their goal was to lock democrats out of the November election. It has worked as advertised, but it is locking them out. One reason for this is the the Democratic Party of California is a center left party, but the Republican Party is very much to the right, almost far right. So their ideas do not appeal to most Californians and the state seems to be more blue every year.

The end result is that the Senate race will be one democrat pitted against the other.

On the House side, nothing changed, though they are all going off to the November election, running against the Top tier Republican. Since the seat was not open, Democrats generally speaking frown on other Democrats challenging their own. Though this year Scott Peters had a very healthy lead over the closet republican out of the Primary, so may the incumbent effect has taken over, and angering labor over his vote for the Transpacific Partnership did not affect him.

Darell Isaa is an interesting case, He is being challenged by Democrat Doug Applegate. In San Diego county it was razor thin. Issa came out with 48.8 percent of the vote, while Applegate got 47.86 percent. There was a third person that does not go on to November. That would indicate a possible close race in November. Issa’s district spans parts of Orange County as well. He did far better. In Orange County Issa got 57.5 percent, while Applegate got 38.6 percent. We are marking this as a race to watch. The weakness in San Diego, which is the majority of his district, might make him vulnerable in November.

Republican Duncan Hunter and democrats Susan Davis, and Juan Vargas won by comfortable margins, so we do not expect to see too much of those races.

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