Rundown for State Assembly and Senate Races in Central San Diego

June 7, 2016 (San Diego) There were not any surprises in this. Toni Atkins led all comers with wide margins and will be facing Republican John Renison in the fall for State Senate District 39. The spread was over 30 points, so we expect Atkins to win in the fall. She will succeed retiring State Senator Marti Block, who we met and is looking forward to finishing his term strong. He is also looking forward to not having to travel all the time, and just staying put in San Diego.

During her victory speech Atkins remarked. “It is a good night to be a Democrat.” She also spoke of her days as Speaker of the Assembly, when she used to travel across the state. “One of the things I liked to talk about in Democratic Central Committees and democratic parties throughout the state, you know, we know how to win elections. It’s hard work, it’s shoe leather.”

Atkins added that the democratic party cares about values. “we care about issues, we care about working people, what about minimum wage.” The work that the party does “translates into electing good people at the local level, at the state level, at the national level” which translates into things like raising the minimum wage.”

Atkins also remarked that tubing the first speaker from San Diego helped to explain to the rest of the state what the city of San Diego is, and how vibrant it is.

Atkins also said that when people say “we can’t do it, guess what we say? Yes we can.”


Todd Gloria, File Picture

Todd Gloria his first Assembly primary, he is running to fill Atkin’s seat for the State Assembly 78th district by a wide margin. He has been termed out from the City of San Diego, and ran for Toni Atkins seat. It was a route at 72 percent to 28 percent, and he spoke about the past to Reporting San Diego. “I am really excited, not just about my outcome, but about Proposition I, raising the minimum wage.”

He added, “we waited two years. 170,000 San Diegans have waited two years for a pay raise and it looks like they are about to get it.”

This is important, the election needs to be certified, so according to Gloria this raise should take effect in the next thirty days effectively. He added that those fifty cents, for “someone who is currently working for minimum wage that’s a lot. This also means sick days that they don’t currently have.”

This is “life changing stuff. It may not mean a lot to those of us who don’t live like that any longer, but it is transformational.”

Gloria has been working on this, and to pass this for two long years. IT was vetoes by the mayor, and the city council overrode it. The business community put it on the ballot. We will have more extensive coverage on I later on, but it was also mentioned by Shirley Webber, running for reelection for AD-79 and Lorena Gonzalez for AD-80.

Both women also won their primaries with ease. Webber addressed the watch party and said the following. “It has been an amazing evening, hasn’t it?”


Assembly Member Shirley Webber

Webber addressed the historic moment of Clinton’s likely nomination to the Presidency by the democratic party. “It is an amazing experience to believe that we are going to have the first opportunity to elect a woman.” She remarked that it is rare in a lifetime “to get to see what people call the impossible. It is interesting because eight years ago, we had the opportunity to nominate and African American who became President of the United States.” This year, “we will nominate a woman who will also become the President of the United States.”

“We are not just electing a woman, we are electing an idea, principles for this country. Donald Trump is crazy. I hope the rest of the world is not crazy with him. Because what is at stake is a lot.”

Webber also remarked that the good old days were not good for her. Or for that matter others in the room, latinos, African Americans, and organized labor. “So we have to fight that thinking. We have to fight the hatred, we have to fight the negativism.”

We did not speak or hear from Gonzalez, but election night is crazy.

A short gallery from the Democratic watch party


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