San Diegans Can Be a Strange Lot…


Analysis by Reporting San Diego

June 8, 2016 (San Diego) So we have divided government in San Diego. A city council that is pretty much middle of the road, towards progressive, dominated by Democrats. It was this same city council that pass a then historic plan to increase the minimum wage, It did place the city as one of the national leaders to raise the wage.

By large majorities the citizens of this city passed Proposition I, which accomplices two years later what the city council did back then. It is that same ordinance, that the Mayor Kevin Faulconer vetoes, and that the business community sent the ballot.

Yet, the city had a chance to elect a very progressive mayor, or a centrist democrat, but instead it chose to keep the same mayor that led the fight towards this initiative. We know politics in this city can be strange, but this is truly a head scratcher. In Ed Harris, the Democrat, or in Lori Saldana, the progressive, the city had a change to chart a new path. We have to wonder if the voters decided for the status quo, since some roads are being paved, and quite brutally honest the Faulconer campaign ran some pretty sleek television commercials. He even touted the Climate Action Plan, which, to be honest was started by Todd Gloria, the Democrat who replaced Bob Filner.

San Diego fortunately is not Washington DC, so our divided government still gets some things done. But who occupies city hall determines a lot of the city priorities, One of them will be to continue to cater to down town interests. There will be less work towards social services, or taking care of the rising homeless crisis in this city. For that matter, the relationship between our police department and the communities of color, such as Barrio Logan and Lincoln Heights, as well as City Heights, will continue to be tense.

And that was not the only moment of confusion. The city passed Prop I, yet District 9 chose two Democrats, one of whom had robo calls done by the Mayor? The same mayor that ignores this district? We chose not to endorse candidates, but the results do baffle us.

Citizens get a powerful voice every time we have an election. This was a blue primary, since a lot of democrats came out to vote. This was an opportunity, but it seems once again people chose the known entity, instead of taking a risk on the unknown. The same goes for two of the city council districts that remained in the hands of pretty conservative republicans.

But in this cloud there might be a good sign for those who like one party over the other. Democrats now number 562,000 county wide, and republicans number 491,000, county wide. This is 37 percent of county residents are Democrats, while 35 percent are republicans. In the city, Democrats outnumber Republicans two to one. The share of No Party Preference voters went down by 1 percent to 26 percent.

The city numbers are also quite impressive percentage wise. 42 percent are now identify themselves as Democrats, while Republicans are at 25 percent. This is somewhat due the Bernie Sanders run to the White House. The question is whether democrats will exploit their new found registration advantage and promote more progressive or blue dog democrats. Time will tell.

But in the meantime, we are a tad baffled. With those numbers, the Mayor should have been shown the door, or at the very least have a contested election in November.

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