The City of San Diego Race Rundown

June 7, 2016 (San Diego) The big headline of the evening is that for the moment, it looks like the city will remain with divided government. Kevin Falconer, a rising star in the Republican party, won outright. He will not be on the ballot in November. So he has a full 4 year term, before he is termed out.

While Mayor Falconer denies this, he is considered a rising star in the Republican Party. Observers do expect him to seek future higher office.

District One is an interesting case. Barbara Bry almost won. It might still happen, depending on how ballots are still outstanding, because it is that close. As of this afternoon it is at 49.05 percent. Most likely she will be facing Ray Ellis in the fall. She is a Democrat, and he is a Republican and this race could determine who controls the City Council. Given that the fall electorate tends to be even more democratic, she should prevail in the end. She would succeed Sherri Lightner who was termed out, and pushed out Todd Gloria of the Council President seat last year.

So if you have any bets of where political money is going to flow, that would be down Soledad Mountain down to La Jolla. It is the only remaining competitive seat.

Chris Ward (D) took District 3 outright, Therefore he will not face a run off in November, In District 5 Mark Kersey (R) won reelection, while in District 7 Scott Sherman (R) did the same. District 9, Ricardo Flores, a former staffer of termed out Marti Emerald and Georgette Gomez, will face off in the Fall.

We were able to listen to Ward give his victory speech at the Democratic watch party. “What a primary night, we have a lot of great wins tonight as democrats.”

Ward added, “we have been able to show that District 3 that this is a progressive seat, and we have progressive values that are desperately needed at city hall to make sure that we are taking the business of our city forwards.”

Ward also thanked, not just the volunteers and the party, but his partner Tom. as well as his mother and other family members who came to celebrate with him.

“Democrats we have a lot to celebrate tonight.” He added, “we have a long road ahead of us to get to November, becuase we have more work ahead to do. Beyond that, we have a lot of work to govern on. The plight of homelessness in our city, and the desperate need for affordable housing is going to command, new strong leadership at city hall.”

He also said that it is time to better city services and prioritize infrastructure. He also called for transparency and open government

In the City Attorney’s race, Jan Goldsmith is termed out. The office is non partisan as well, but Robert Hickey, a Republican will be facing Mara Elliot in November. Democrats spilt the vote among four candidates, so there is very good possibility that the City Attorney’s office will be filled by a woman for the first time in it’s history.

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