The Propositions, a Rundown, with Prop I in Particular


June 8, 2016 (San Diego) Proposition I passed, among every worker in this city, who makes minimum wage, is getting a pay raise, within 30 days. The election needs to be certified first. This is according to Clare Crawford of the Center for Policy Initiatives (CPI) and Council Member Todd Gloria, currently running for the Assembly. These workers are also going to get at a minimum 5 days of sick day leave annually, and on January 1, they will get another dollar per hour in their pay on January 1, 2017. At that point it will go to $11.50 an hour.


Roselva Gomez is standing to the right

Reporting San Diego spoke to Rosevla Gomez from the Fight for 15 and Raise the Wage. She told us. “it is a great opportunity to have a little more money in our pocket. Maybe we will be able to afford a little more food, soap, toilet paper, shoes.”

While the business community forced this to the ballot a year ago, according to Crawford “the business community decided not to mount much of an opposition becuase they did not believe they could win.” She also added that “It was clear that San Diegans believe that wages are too low, and prices are too high.”


Clare Crawford, CPI

We also asked if the CPI is going to next get involved in the cost of housing, Crawford said, “the cost of housing is an incredible problem. The reality it that the majority of San Diegans are also renters. It is a real and growing crisis.” While they have not figured out their next step, this is something that CPI is looking at.

We also had the chance to talk with Council Member David Alvarez. He told Reporting San Diego that people who “deserve an increase, are finally going to see an increase. Well deserved, long deserved and I am very excited for the pep;e of San Diego that are going to see a real benefit.”


David Alvarez with the Raise the Wage Campaign

Alvarez also noted that this was “a huge democratic turnout, the city council races turned out amazing.” He added that “this was a wonderful night for Democrats in San Diego.”

As to the rest of the initiatives, they all passed by large margins. Most were technical fixes to the city charter. Though we are concerned of the possible unintended effect of both H and F in combination, Time ill tell if our concerns, prove to be correct or not. But the both of them take some flexility away from how the budget is managed. Also H is not enough to fix the infrastructure issue and we might have to face the fact that we will need to raise taxes.

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