Council of American Islamic Relations Presser in San Diego


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June 12, 2016 (San Diego) The events in Orlando have triggered many reactions across the country. In San Diego police, faith leaders and civic leaders came together under one roof. Hanif Mohebi, of the Council of American-Islamic Relations, San Diego Chapter, held this unique press conference. We are posting the raw footage from leaders, not all, who spoke today.

There was one theme that came clear. People were united, regardless of faith, in denouncing the horrific mass shooting in Orlando There was one line that was spoken today, that should also be familiar to Jew and Christian alike. Those who take a life, take all the life of humanity, and those who save a life, save all of humanity.

The first we will post is Mohebi’s statement in full. We believe it is best that you can watch fully.


Elham Ahmed is next.

Among other leaders came Bishop James Mathis of the Episcopal Church.

Among non religious leaders was Lt. Andra Brown of the San Diego Police Department. She addressed the fears present in both the LGBT community, as well as what the department expects. She also said, during questioning with media that there are extensive security preparations for the LGBT San Diego Pride parade.

Supervisor Dave Roberts also came and spoke about what the county is to a point doing, but also joining in support and solidarity with both communities.

Other people present were Reverend Shane Harris of the National Action Network, who raised the issue of gun control, and how it is needed. He rightly pointed out that in many of these shootings, AR-15 are playing a star role. Part of the reason is they are easy to obtain, legally. This is not just LGBT awareness month, but also gun violence awareness month.

Imman Taha Hassane also addressed the media, and made the point that Islam is a religion of peace, which is a theme that was present throughout. Mostly the community put what happened to the LGBT community ahead of even their own priorities and asked for Muslim to donate blood, as a symbolic gesture.

Vernon Mitchell just asked for prayers.

Tomorrow, there will be another vigil at the LGBT center at Hillcrest. This will start at 6:30 and it is open to the community.



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