Vigil In Hillcrest to Remember the Dead and Injured in Orlando


Photos: Nadin and Tom Abbott

June 12, 2016 (San Diego) Close to 500 people came to Hillcrest, by the flag pole, to stand in solidarity with Orlando. Among them were Council Member Todd Gloria and Mayor Kevin Faucloner. But so were people like Ruby Jane. She took the microphone well after the Mayor, and Gloria and other dignitaries took the mike.


Ruby Jane

Her words came from the heart, and they pleaded simple questions as well as an deep pain. We are including the recording, in full.

Another gentleman, we do not have his name, spoke as well, impromptu. He said, :”we all have friends that could have been in Orlando.We live in San Diego, that could have been us today.”


He added, that people were sad and devastated because “people do not know how to deal with this. The ideology of our lifestyle has been attacked today. The very pillars on which we find happiness, and love and acceptance, and community was attacked today.”

He added, “that is why we have been drawn to this vigils.” The question was, is this the new normal? While the speaker and the people assembled said, hell know, there was fear. He admitted to the fear. This is a philosophy of hate. It touched them today. It touched San Diego as well.

The emotions were raw, and people were in pain, hugging each other and lighting candles There was also some fear. The attack was targeted against people who are different. These are people who earned their rights to marry from a Supreme Court decision last year. That was a contract to today. That was a celebration. This felt more like a wake.


Chief Zimmerman with A Civilian

Reporting San Diego was also able to talk to Chief Shelley Zimmerman, who said that the Department is taking precautions. They are at a higher alert posture, but according to their partners in Federal law enforcement., chiefly the Federal Bureau of investigations, there are no specific threats against San Diego.

The police though has taken on heavier patrols, especially in the Hillcrest area.



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