Wild Fire Near Potrero


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June 19, 2016 (The wildfire started around 12:00 and was dispatched as a wild land fire fighting  response. The fire is in a fairly inaccessible area near the border and according ot CAL FIRE the fire is at 3-5 acres, but the latest report from CAL FIRE social media has it at 60 acres with structure threat.

IC now reports fire at 50 acres, jumped Highway 94 heading NW with structure threat

We will be going to the scene.

There are now road closures in place, according to the California HighWay Patrol and a Sig Alert has been issued. These are Highway 94 to Potrero, started at Tecate, 188.

Temperatures are in the low 100s, which will make this harder to fight.


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  1. This fire is now a monster – 1,500 acres. All of Potrero is under mandatory evacuation orders. There are road closures including highway 94. Until Nadin can post, you can follow our updates here:http://www.eastcountymagazine.org/border-fire-potrero-now-1500-acres-evacuation-centers-open

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