More Mandatory Evacuations in #Borderfire

This is a better, and more complete update:

Border Fire Updates: (Ed Note, we are leaving this at the top)

Last updated: 6/20/16 @ 6:45 PM

Acreage/Containment: 7,500 acres – 5% contained
County: San Diego County
Location: off Highway 188 and Highway 94 near Tecate
Administrative Unit: CAL FIRE San Diego Unit

Date Started: June 19, 2016 – 11:03 AM
Evacuations: Mandatory evacuations are in effect for the community of Potrero, Forest Gate, Star Ranch, Cowboy Ranch, Dog Patch, & Canyon City.
Evacuation Shelter:  Los Coches Creek Middle School (9669 Dunbar Ln., El Cajon, CA 92021)
Road Closures: Highway 94 closed
Structures Destroyed: 4 outbuildings
Injuries: 3 firefighters injured (minor)

Conditions: Triple digit temperatures and single digit humidity is creating extreme fire behavior and increased activity is being experienced.

Update via CAL-FIRE at 6:45 PM

Update 8:30 PM From Supervisor Dianne Jacobs, she represents the district where the fire is burning:

The following is my statement in response to reports yesterday that United States Forest Service (USFS) air tankers were not utilizing the Ramona Air Attack Base, and instead were flying to San Bernardino in between drops on the Border Fire. The same Next Generation Air Tankers used by CAL FIRE were safely refilling at the Ramona Air Attack Base yesterday.

“The USFS and federal leaders are failing our region and unnecessarily putting lives and property at risk. The Board of Supervisors last summer called on the USFS and the federal government to land their Next Generation Air Tankers at the Ramona Air Attack Base in order to increase the frequency of drops on a wildfire. CAL FIRE has demonstrated that these types of planes can safely use the Ramona airport. Now we need the USFS to demonstrate that public safety is a higher priority than bureaucratic stubbornness. These planes can carry up to 3,000 gallons of retardant and increasing the frequency of drops gives us a better chance of knocking down dangerous wildfires.”

Just In: in San Diego County is now 7,500 acres & 5% contained. 3 injuries & 4 outbuildings destroyed.

Update 18:00 Hours. New overnight shelter opened by the American Red Cross:

Los Coches Creek Middle School is located at 9669 Dunbar Lane in El Cajon.

Update 17:00 We have learned that there are 200 structures currently at any level of threat. Fire Officers are preparing for possibly having more.

Update 16:35 Teams are moving in from across the state, to reinforce operations at the Border Fire. Riverside is already present. Kern County Fire Department is sending the following personnel:

Engine 318: Stallion Springs
Engine 326: Lost Hills
Engine 335: Woody
Engine 345: Edison
Engine 356: Lebec

for a total of 22 firefighters. There are also units from Stanislaus and Toloume Counties en route.

To the east you can see the smoke. So be careful out there. Even on the coast you might have issues if you are sensitive it smoke.

Update: 16:00 Hours

update: Mountain Empire Unified schools will be closed on 6/21. evac spot at Los Coches Creek Middle (El Cajon).

June 20, 2016 (POTRERO) The #Borderfire exploded, though we do not have yet the current acreage, but it is expected to be over the 1900 acres that are currently the official number  In the words of PIO Isaac Sanchez, he had “no current information on the blowout.”. He added  that Potrero is still under mandatory evacuation orders.The number of evacuations have increased since we spoke with him. According to the twitter feed it is as follows:

update: extreme fire behavior and activity. New evacs ordered for Forest Gate, Star Ranch, Cowboy Ranch, Dog Patch, Canyon City

Sanhez also said that people were still being directed to Campo, but they were reevaluating conditions as the fire grows and moves. The County has issued this statement from Ready San Diego:

6/20/2016 2:00:00 PM PDT

The Sheriff’s Department has issued an evacuation advisory near Campo and Buckman Springs due to the Border Fire. Evacuations are currently voluntary. Residents can go to Golden Acorn Casino, 1800 Golden Acorn Way, which has been set up as a temporary evacuation point. It is not a shelter.

Residents in need of emergency assistance evacuation should call 9-1-1. For additional information, or call the San Diego Sheriff’s Department non-emergency line at 858-565-5200.

For additional information, visit @CALFIRESanDiego.


We also have information that a new shelter was set up at Los Coches Middle School at 9669 Dunbar Lane

We also have learned that the Morena County Library that earlier in the day was expected to remain open as a cool zone, is now closed. Also the Cleveland National Forest advises hikers to stay off the Pacific Crest Trail near Campo as this is expected to be impacted.

The fire jumped fire lines and established itself once again, on sides of Highway 94. It has been showing extreme behavior in triple digit heat. At one point my thermometer showed 114 Fahrenheit. When driving back from Potrero that thermometer showed 101 in Jamul.

We are also adding the note from the Sheriff’s Office from this morning:


Hard closures remain from Buckman Springs to the 188 on Highway 94.

On a personal note, when your engine light goes on, near a wild fire, you get out. Our news vehicle made it to the shop, but do support independent journalism.



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