The Red Cross Shelter at Los Coches Creek Middle School in El Cajon


Courtesy American Red Cross San Diego Chapter

June 22, 2016 (EL CAJON) We reached to the American Red Cross to see how things are going at the shelter at Los Coches Creek Middle School in El Cajon. We were told via email by Shannon Brianna that they were currently serving the needs of 58 people. They have space for up to 250, so if you need a place to cool down as an evacuee, that is a place to go to.

The full address is at 9669 Dunbar Lane in El Cajon. The shelter has “Services include a safe and clean place to stay, food, hydration, comfort kits with personal hygiene items, emotional support and health services and more. The shelter will remain open for as long as there is a need.”

If there is a need they can get staff that is bilingual, and they are also ready to tend for special needs. IF you lost medications in the fire, or need to talk “Red Cross health services and mental health workers are present in our Los Coches Creek Middle School shelter to tend to the good health and well-being of all residents. These workers assess health needs, provide and assist with care as needed, and replace medications, supplies and equipment that may have been lost or destroyed during the fire.”

Moreover, if you need to evacuate and have a small pet, this is what we were told about that: “As far as pets, the San Diego Humane Society has been a wonderful partner and has co-located a place for animals adjacent to our shelter. They have provided plenty of extra kennels, food for different types of animals, various pet supplies and they have even brought in a mister/cooling station to keep animals cool and comfortable! Right now cats, dogs, bunnies and a bird are at the shelter with their owners. As you can imagine, this has been comforting for a lot of folks to be able to be with their pets.”

At this time the local chapter also asked us to pass this along: “At this point in time, we are still able to fully support the immediate needs of those displaced, including safe shelter, food and water, health services and emotional support, and more. We certainly appreciate the good intentions and big hearts of people who want to donate items, but it takes time, money and manpower for us to sort, store and equitably distribute such donated items.”






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