Couple Reported Missing After Border Fire

June 28, 2016 (POTRERO) A couple has been missing since the Border fire started on June 20, father’s day. The property was badly affected by the fire, though not completely destroyed. Local residents have been taking care of the dogs that were left behind. Residents believe that Jim and Carrie Keefe left becuase of the fire conditions, that were getting extreme.

Their vehicle was left at the property and neighbors are organizing a search party for tomorrow at 8 in the morning They have also filed a missing person report. The neighbors also fear the worst, and that the couple never made it out alive. We know from covering the fire that conditions were extreme. They have posted a search party notice on Facebook, here it is 

The address of their home is 23736 Highway 94, in case you want to help.

The Sheriffs Office told Channel 10 that they will have a rescue team on this as well.


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  1. Contact blm….they are the ones that allowed it burn to keep it clear from future burns! !!

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