Man Taken Into Custody In Homeless Murders


SDPD Survaillance Images

July 7, 2016 (San Diego) Anthony Alexander Padgett, 36 from Chula Vista was taken into custody this morning by San Diego Police, according to Homicide Captain David Nisleit. The Captain was very precise in saying they had probable cause to affect the arrest and that he was expected to be charged with several counts of murder and attempted murder.

Nisleit also said that Padgett is from Chula Vista and he did not  go into any motive. This has been a top priority case for the department. Though they are not going to scale back operations overnight. They are still processing a lot of evidence and Padgett was expected to be booked soon, and he was arrested in Chula Vista by SDPD detectives.

They are also looking into whether these series of murders are related to attacks previously in the month. On Sunday Angelo DiNardo, 53 was killed near the Morena and I-5 bridge in Bay Park. On July 4 police found Manuel Mason, 61 in the Midway district. Later on 41-year-old drifter Shawn Longley was found dead in Bacon street in Ocean Beach.

On Wednesday a 23 year old man was found downtown. He is still fighting for his life but is not expected to survive. The police deployed both video and stills captured at a convenience store of the suspect and have thrown a lot of resources into the case.

Police has warned the homeless to stay in groups, and not to sleep alone. They have also advised them to remain vigilant of their surroundings at all times.


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