Donald Trump Formally Nominated as the GOP Nominee

July 19, 2016 (CLEVELAND,OH) Donald J trump was formally nominated for the presidency by the Republican party. Hi son, Donald Trump Jr formally put him over the top as a member of the New York delegation.

The party also nominated Indiana Governor Mike Pence by acclamation. Trump later addressed the convention from New York and his son said that his father was the right man for the job. Incredibly though, after the controversy with Melania Trump’s speech, he also seems to have lifted lines from others. In this case from William F Buckley’s piece in the American Conservative.


Here is from Trump’s Jr Speech.


This was first noticed by the Daily Show and this is the story on social media. We are fully crediting the Daily Show for noticing.

There are some questions that are raised by this. Among others, who is clearing the speeches? This is process, important processs. After all, these stories are becoming more important than the main event, including the two speakers doing a good job. Though we would be remiss in calling this a campaign out of control. Unlike most analysts, nothing surprises us about this campaign. It has been unconventional from the moment it started. Nor will any of the core Trump voters care about this. 



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