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July 19, 2016 (San Diego) We at Reporting San Diego are asking for your support. We have a donate button for a reason, and we need you to support our work. Over the last two years our coverage has gotten the City of El Cajon to actually do code enforcements in rental units . This made a difference in the lives of residents around Lexington Avenue. We were there at the City Council, no other news agency was there.

We also know our coverage led to landlords actually fixing conditions in San Diego that were substandard. I am being nice, not just substandard but beyond horrific.

We also have spent time asking questions after the Border Fire from San Diego County agencies. These were critical questions, that had to be asked and the answers did not fully address the issues. But the questions will hopefully help to prevent similar issues in future fires. Yellow tape to mark contacted residents is standard, but residents said they were not actually contacted.

The role of the media is not to advocate but report. These days many larger news agencies have forgotten the importance of asking questions from government agencies and bringing to light matters that affect everyday people. We are not concerned about the glitzy lights, and if you are looking for that, we are not your news source,  but about how policy intersects with real people every day.

We also spend some real quality time with budgets. These documents are essential to the understanding of government priorities. They are political and ideological documents, as well as economic documents. There was a time that a line item in the budget could bring city administrations down. These days most news agencies do not spend time with budges. We do, and have discovered things like the City of San Diego is already spending money on the Chargers, or that our civil servants talk a good game about infrastructure, but spending on this has barely budged. Or that we really talk a good game about the homeless, but conditions are worst.

So if you appreciate our work, support us. We make it extremely easy to do such. The donate button is on the side. We are not a non profit, bit consider us a small local paper that looks at issues that affects all of us.

Of course we also cover civic events such as Pride. Those are central to the county, not just city of San Diego. Oh and what is that money for? It helps to fund day to day operations, as well as gas, and at times it is used to pay for Federal Records Requests. There are times those requests need to be paid for.

The Reporting San Diego Team.

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