DNC Apologizes to Sanders and his Supporters 

July 25, 2016 (PHILADELPHIA) The Democratic National Committee has formally apologized to Bernie Sanders and his supporters. The message reads:

The convention started with Debbie Wasserman Shulrz not gaveling the convention and earlier in the day with Sanders urging his supporters to get behind the Clinton-Kaine ticket, to defeat Trump. He was bored by his supporters. There are also demonstrations outside and at times competing chantss on the floor. Sanders has urged his supporters not to do that, or walk out, or turn their backs. 

This beginning is showing deep fault lines in the party, which were responded by the email leak by wiki leaks. Several news organizations are reporting this is a Russian hack, but as Faieness and Accuracy in the Media reported yesterday, this is also an effort to avoid talking of the substance in these emails. 


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  1. I don’t read that as an apology… The DNC violated their own pledge for neutrality and tainted the system. If you look at how narrow Bernie loss in a series of states in a series of races and you add up the extra push from the DNC and the collusion with the media and the voter suppression and the failure to count provisional ballots and the Fiasco similar to Brooklyn you have the loser winning the nomination and the winner, Bernie, playing second fiddle.

    In San Diego we are organizing and creating a pe

    People’s Convention… Beyond Bernie: Uniting for the political revolution conference on August 20th from one to 4 p.m. at the Logan Heights Library. People around the country should create their own people’s convention at a local level and then at a state level and then we should Unite to create a third National political party or 3rd Force outside of the Democratic Party and connect with those who want to remain inside the Democratic Party… Ii you are thinking that the whole DNC & Dem. Party operation is not owned and operated by corporate power, I wish you well but let’s not give up our ideals and give up our independence. Independent voters are the fastest growing segment of the electorate and will win over Progressive Democrats who want transformational change. Martin Eder activistSD@gmail.com

    • We did not edit, or comment. They said it was. Truth be told, they are trying hard to put out a growing wild fire. They are now getting cooperation from the Sanders team. But outside the weather is helping, because the tension is building

    • I agree with Martin Eder. They got caught, that’s why they are trying to ‘apologize’ without any consequences or accountability. They fixed the election so the second place finisher gets the prize. Subverting democracy is supposed to be the republicans job. The only question now, “Is the Democratic Party worth reforming, or do we need a revolution?”

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