1968 Credentials Redux? Or Perception Management?

In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell

July 27, 2016 (PHILADELPHIA) Earlier in the day this started to circulate in social media:


Now, SNOPES did a check on this claim and this is what they found:

CLAIM: The Democratic National Convention’s organizers published a Craigslist ad seeking actors to replace missing or ejected delegates.


WHAT’S TRUE: A Craigslist ad appeared purporting to seek “actors” for a “national convention.”

WHAT’S FALSE: The ad was not traced back to the DNC.

WHAT’S UNDETERMINED: Who placed the ad; whether it was a joke or protest.

so they could not prove this one way or the other.

Well, here is the problem, we have witness account that the convention is filling seats with people they do not know, Jim Boydston wrote in his Facebook that “They’ve got almost all of the actors’ seats filled now at the DNC.” Mind you, this is what is going around in social media. He is part of the California delegation. Delegates know each other, as was pointed to me.

And now we have a second confirmation, now from Ohio. What was seated were plenty of interns and volunteers.

This is what matters here.

First off, it really does not matter if these folks are actors, volunteers (of which the convention would have more than a smattering off), or staff. These are not the elected delegates, but their seats are being filled for the tv audience. A half empty audience, like the RNC had last week a few times, is not a good thing when trying to portray unity.

The party is having a problem getting united.  How do we know? Earlier in the day they were going to have a 3 minute speech introducing Tim Kayne to the nomination for Vice President, this was pulled because of fears of boos from delegates, specifically Sanders and other progressive groups. It was later brought back and there were no reactions.

Kayne’s spot as the VEEP was perceived as a slap to progressive groups, since he is a blue dog. He is no progressive.

Last night there was a walk out and social media has photos of the hall with about 45 percent of the seats empty after Clinton won the roll call. This is a photo posted on social media and we ran a story with the reports that this was happening. .

half empy hall dnc 1968

2016 Democratic Convention after the Delegate Walkout: FACEBOOK

At least from where we sit the party is far from unifying. It seems that the lessons of Nevada which was an effort in perception management, were not learned. The party, and all conventions are partly that: trying to manage perceptions. The media is kind of helping by not covering this, or doing it late at night, east coast .

This will not help. It is actually deepening the wounds and the crack that started in Nevada seems to be growing into a real chasm. It also seems that many Democrats cannot believe that the party is doing this. Some old hands have already compared this to Chicago, without a police riot. The party is also telling whatever remains of the progressive base to shut up and just follow like good soldiers. From what we are witnessing on social media, at least a good minority are not willing to follow. I fully admit this might be perception bias on my part, or  very real. We will find out, fairly soon.

Edited to reflect more information.

Another photo from last night.




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