UFCW Continues to Seek a Boycott of Key Stores

Photo: Tom Abbott

July 27, 2016 (San Diego) Reporting San Diego talked with Lori Kern of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) local 135.  The Union is asking shoppers to join them in a boycott of particular stores to pressure the parent company, Kroeger, to negotiate in good faith. According to Kern:

“The company is not negotiating in good faith And because Ralphs alone made $69 millions in profit a week, and the average worker in there makes $307 dollars a week.” Kern added that “they want to cut their benefits and they want to give them a 10 cent raise next year.”

We asked about the minimum wage and how that stands with this. It is going up and simply put, the company needs to comply with them. But the Union is trying to get the company to “give appropriate raises after the minimum wage passes.”

We asked about the reception of the general public. Kern told us that the reception has been different at different stores. “At the most expensive areas like La Jolla and Del Mar they pretty much blow past you…in Spring Valley people are happy to help out. In here (Fashion Valley West) it is kind of a mixed bag.”

We posted the stores the other way, and for your reference we are posting it again.


The Union suggest shopping at other Union stores, such as Food4Less, Gelson’s, Keils and Slater Brothers.  We did not ask since the strike vote was taken and approved already. The Union might feel that while they do not want to strike, they might have to.

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