Mayor Faulconer and Chief Zimmerman Talk of Injured and Fallen Officer


Photo: Nadin Abbot
Video: Tom Abbott

July 30, 2016 (San Diego) Chief Shelley Zimmerman and Mayor Kevin Faulconer walked out of UCSD Medical Center to brief the media on Officer Wade Irvin’s status. He is expected to survive and make a full recovery. They also spoke of Officer Jonathan “J.D” DeGuzman and their family.

Mayor Faulconer spoke first. he said, “the Chief and I had both the opportunity to speak with the families of our officers today.” He remarked as to “how grateful our entire city is for these officers, and for our entire department.”

Earlier in the day they both met with Officer DeGuzman family, “his wife, his two children, and told them directly how proud all of us are, our city. our state, our nation for J.D.” He also told his son and daughter, that “he is a hero for what he did… that they have all of us to stand behind them.”

The mayor did get somewhat emotional at times. He also said that they had the opportunity to visit with Officer Iwin’s family and briefly visit the officer in the hospital. “He looks good, all things considered.”

The mayor remarked that “we shared with the families the incredible outpouring of support. The love for them is incredible…I want to thank all San Diegans for the incredible outpouring of support, for this officers, for their families, for our entire department. It is times like this that brings us together.”

Chief Zimmerman also addressed the public, and she spoke of what they are seeing in the field. She stated “we’ve seen so much of this since this tragic incident…what I have heard from our officers, as they are out there patrolling and doing their duties, so many community members coming out and thanking the officers, more than it has ever happened before.” This means a lot to the officers.

Reporting San Diego asked about the families and how they are doing under the circumstances. The chief said “the family are very strong, and as you can imagine it is extremely difficult, Each of the families has expressed their love, their support, their prayers, to the other family.”

The main message that they wanted to express it is how much they appreciate the the support, prayers, the support that they have felt. Like never before, from our community, not just here in San Diego, but across our country and across our world.”

The chief added that the message the people have been sending mean a lot and that they are getting to the families. They both asked that San Diegans continue to support these families. She also invited people to join the department and thanked the mayor for the budget to do this, and to bring the department back to full strength.

Addressing the community she said that most in the community support the department and what it is doing. This was not about us versus them, but about the community and keeping everybody safe.

The Chief also got every emotional as to the emotions that swirled in her mind as she had to inform a wife that her husband was not coming home. And also the sense of relief when she was able to tell a second wife that her husband was boing to be ok. She remarked that many years ago she also informed the wife of Officer DeGuzman that he was going to be ok after he was stabbed, It is the hardest duty and nothing did quite prepare her for this.

She also told us that there was nothing new in the ongoing investigation and that funeral arrangements will be completed by the end of the weekend.

We are including the main press video, before the questions and answers.

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