Fire at Recycling Facility in Spring Valley 

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Update: from radio traffic, a fire fighter was injured during the fire fight. We have confirmed that was the case. Apparently it  was a shoulder injury. He was transported to the hospital by medics. 

KPBS is also reporting that two homes were damaged and that several others were evacuated. Red Cross was requested as well, from radio traffic. 

August 2, 2016 (San Diego) the fire at the recycling facility at the 3800 block of Bancroft street started before 7:00 and was threatening nearby homes. The fire sent thick black smoke into the air. CAL-FIRE and Heartland units are responding. 

This is near the 94-125 interchange. So there will be visible smoke. From radio traffic there is a lot of combustibles and will take a while to put it off. We are monitoring radio and other means. 



CAL FIRE/San Miguel and cooperators at scene of a fire at a recycling plant at the 3800 blk of Bancroft Dr, Spring Valley

Aug 2, 2016, 8:04 AM

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