Wild Fire Near Campo 

file photo

According to CAL FIRE the fire staid in Mexico, and never came across the border. 


CAL FIRE SAN DIEGO9m CAL FIRE SAN DIEGO‏ @CALFIRESANDIEGO #Border5Fire [update] 2 CAL FIRE engines to remain at scene overnight. Fire is now approx. 75 acres, all in Mexico.

Update 7:45. Air assets have left for the night 

Update 19:25, from radio communications, air assets are relaying probably 75 acres. 

radio communications things are getting better. Some units might be released soon. 



CAL FIRE SAN DIEGO‏ @CALFIRESANDIEGO CAL FIRE/San Diego County Fire resources at scene of vegetation fire along the border with Mexico south of Bell Valley near Potrero #Border5

We are learning that there is a like;y road closure between Barrett Junction and the railroad museum 

August 13, 2016 (CAMPO) a wildfire near campo has burned about 20 acres, from scanner traffic. Residents in the area report thick black smoke and that is near structures. According to Angelica Joyce it is burning about 2 miles from the green store, and it is “burning hard.”

Another resident has posted on Facebook that the fire is behind their house, and they are not waiting. It is running by the border fence and they are preparing to move animals. 

CAL-FIRE is on the scene with multiple ground and air units. The fire has been dubbed the border fire. Likely border fire 4 since this is the fourth one this season. The location is east of the border fire that burned through Potrero. This is also a hot day with dry air. 

Correction, it is dubbed border5

Witness photo courtesy Claudia Millerbragg via Facebook

It was taken on Lake Morena Drive around 5 in the afternoon 


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  1. Nadin – It’s Border Fire #5, we’re hearing. Cal Fire’s PIO Isaac Sanchez still says it’s all south of the border, 60 acres, but 5 different eyewitnesses have said it did cross the border behinds homes near Campo. Capt. Sanchez says it is now burning southeast. There are 12 engines and hand crews but oddly no aircraft listed by Cal Fire -no tankers,nada.

    Residents say there are helicopters, probably Sheriff’s, sucking water out of ponds,not Lake Morena. Probably because the lake is a puddle due to city’s draining it.

    Cal Fire did not send its first sTweet until almost 6:30 and its first email alert at 7 p.m., even though Jan Hedlun, an elected official in Potrero, saw smoke starting at 1:30 p.m. Why did it take so long?

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