Clinton’s Health, Trump’s Taxes, Campaign Secrecy


Sep 12, 2016 (San Diego) Coughing fits, a candidate traveling with a physician, passing out, stumbling. Oh did we mention this is pneumonia? The problem is not that Hillary Clinton had a diagnosis of pneumonia, likely bacterial from what the campaign has released, but how they tried to play down what happened at the 911 memorial in New York. For the record, the doctor traveling with her raises zero alarm bells with me. I know for a fact that people who have secret service protection have either a doctor, family doctor will do, or a medic assigned to the team. This is not as unusual as the darker corners make it seem. Nor is an ambulance assigned to them that off. It is like standard operating procedure.

Here is the problem though. Saying that she overheated, and would be fine, and ditching the traveling press for 90 minutes did not help. Those 90 minutes were a flurry of speculation on the web. Some of it included the “fact” that she died. We would not know the first thing about her pneumonia diagnosis if a video of her more than just stumbling onto the van, with help, did not surface. For that matter, we would not be having this conversation if that video had not gone viral. The video, and photos of her receiving a field squeeze my fingers test are only fueling speculation from the darker recesses of the Internet as to what is wrong with her. We will not join the speculation. Truly, it is far from ethical. Just point out that these two things do exist in the real world. There is video of her stumbling onto a vehicle, and of a doctor doing a squeeze test.

We will point out though that the campaign reaction was classic Clinton. This is to ignore, diminish and try to ignore the story. It did not work. So now she is at home with a disease that can kill if not properly treated, we wish her a speedy recovery…

That said, because of this her health is now an issue, and her campaign has promised to release more medical information. We guarantee it will not be enough to stop the speculation in the darker recesses of the Internet. In fact, some of them are going, “I told you so.” This penchant for secrecy though is not good, and leads to many questions. Also her disappearing for 90 minutes had an effect in the future trading of the markets and if she were a sitting president it would have even larger effects. For those who doubt me, look up what happened during those two hours after Ronald Reagan got shot. The uncertainty, not knowing where the Vice President was, and Secretary Alexander Haig taking over were some of the scariest moments for many. The markets did react, and they did not react in a nice way either.

Then we have Donald J Trump. His refusal to release his tax returns are now to comical levels. Every excuse he has used has been contradicted by those who would know. Among them, the Internal Revenue Service, that has issued a statement telling us that he can indeed release them in the midst of an audit. Oh and there is precedent. President Richard Nixon did that in fact. So we can speculate. Why is it that he is not releasing his returns? Well, in general, just from the income he claims to receive, I am betting he pays less taxes than most Americans. This hurt Mitt Romney in 2012.

But this is not the point. He is also running a secrets laden campaign and has things to hide. They are slightly different things, but at this point we can say that both campaigns are in love with some level of information control and secrecy. Both are hiding from the press and both are seeing to control what gets out to the press. Clinton has some traveling press with her, Trump does not even reach to that point.

Now, to those in the darker recesses of the Internet, no, Clinton is not stepping down. To be honest, neither is Trump. So what we will get, regardless of who wins in November, is two people who love secrecy, and will try to keep things away from the American people. This is actually the big picture here.

The other thing is that while we are all trying to determine a health status, or a financial status, none is asking questions that would be policy oriented. Yes, I want to know the nitty gritty of their economic policy. As I said the other day, I also want to know what they think of quantitative easing. So can the moderators during the debates ask some real questions?

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