Protectors of the Water Receive Support in San Diego During National Day of Actio


Photos: Tom and Nadin Abbott
Video: Tom Abbott
Video Editing: Nadin Abbott

Sep 13, 2016 (San Diego) On Tuesday there was a national day of action, in over 200 cities, to protect the North Dakota Access Pipeline. During the event, we did get a short update of what is happening at Standing Rock. This includes the arrest of about 22 people, among them, allegedly members of the media and medics. While the White House has told the company to voluntarily stop contraction and reevaluate, this appears not to be happening.

Members of the Pala tribe went to Standing Rock, and Sylvia Sherbet spoke about the land and the struggle. Water is life, and has been life for ever. The name of her tribe means water in the local language. She was clear as to what they were doing here. It was “a good day to be here, to support our people in North Dakota.”

This was not just about first people’s either, but about all peoples and all colors. We have embedded the video, since it is best that we let those with a suppressed voice to tell the story themselves.

Among other speakers was Gina Tiger Madueno, and a friend of hers, our apology for not getting the full name. Manudeno is not only going up there next week. She is also Lakota Sioux, This is her people, but it is all of us. The second speaker gave us the full legal issues. that not only impact the Lakota, but also her people near Phoenix, and the Kumeyaay here in San Diego.

Many of the lands that are being used to put in pipes are just outside the reservations, never mind they have culturally sensitive terrain, such as graveyards. So the fiction that they are not part of the reservation is being exploited. This video has the full legal implications.

Also be aware that Madueno is leaving her baby behind, because this fight matters. They will be taking supplies from Oakland.
Finally, Massada Disenhouse from San Diego 350 drew connections to other areas of life and other struggles. They include asthma and pollution, that affects especially communities that are poorer.

Reporting San Diego talked Susan Beatie and Peter Brown, who are American experts living in the southwestern state of Chiapas, in Mexico. They were here on Friday, and once again yesterday in support. Brown said something that is critical. “what is happening in Standing Rock is impacting people all over the world.” He added, “it is emotional and politically important at the same moment. The fact that indigenous people have decided to stop an energy line is very significant.”

He added that “a lot of us are concerned about climate change. The unlimited burning of petroleum and so forth is not something that the planet can survive for very much longer.”

Beatie also added, “that it is no surprise that indigenous people are on the front lines of another climate change fight. It is not the first time, and it is not the last. We need to realize that this is an inspirational battle, and that indigenous people are leading the way.”


Richard DeLuna

Richard DiLuna is a member of one of the many tribes in the four corner region of New Mexico. He is in San Diego receiving treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which he got while in the United States Navy, so he comes to support these causes every time he can. He spoke about the land and what is happening in New Mexico. More people are coming to the Grand Canyon and stealing things, and leaving trash behind. There is a mystical experience to enjoy the great father the one is with the land.

He spoke this way, “The beauty of the Grand Canyon and the beauty of Mother Earth, should be there for hopefully the next thousands of years. So that our families can also enjoy the beauty. And to deface it that way, all in the name of making money for a few, and trashing it.”

Disenhouse also made another point, and it has to do with the connections of what happens over there and what happens in San Diego. They see a direct link to the San Diego Organization of Governments plan, that emphasizes freeways instead of public transit and the pipeline. Both have an impact in our quality of life.

We are including a gallery as usual. As well as links to the previous stories

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  1. ”Water is Connected to Everything; Water is Life.” – Reporting San Diego

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