BREAKING NEWS: Explosion in New York City 

Major Update: 7:40 PST. New York Governor Mario Cuomo gave a major update. All 29 victims injured last night at Chelsea in New York City have been released. He all clarified the statements from Mayor DiBlassio. Yes, this was terrorism, and will be prosecuted as such, but so far there are no links to international terrorism. He also said that the exploded devices, from both New Jersey and New York are on the way to the FBI lab in Quantici, Virginia. They do not know yet about the third unexplored device. The two in New York were pressure cooker devices.

Governor Cuomo sounded defiant as well. He said: “whoever placed these bombs will be found and will be brought to justice.” He also said “we will not allow this type of people to disrupt our lives..”

He added that in the morning 1000 state police and national guard will be placed at transport hubs to protect New Yorkers.

Update: 22:00 PST. A second device, a pressure crooked according to CNN, has been positively found. This is on 27th street. SMS messages were sent to residents to shelter in place.

Update 21:30 PST. There are no links to terrorism, according to New York Mayor DeBlassio. Though the city ‘suffered a significant incident.”He added that “all hands are on deck.” This includes Federal and City agencies working together.

According to Police Commisioner James O’Neil this was “a purposeful act<‘ anf they have discounted any gas related causes. They also have no links at the present to the morning explosion in New Jersey. They also are working on a second device.

According to Commisioner Daniel Nigeo there were 29 injuries. One was more serious, they transported 24 to the hospital. Most were cuts and bruises.

There might be a secondary device. It is early in tje investigation, but they are ruling out a link to terrorism.

Update 19;40. Some subway likes have been shut down. Some patients reportedly taken to Bellvue, a trauma I center. According to PD none are serious injuries.

From NYPD antiterrorism unit

NYPDCounterterrorism‏ @NYPDCT

At this time, 25 confirmed wounded but none with life-threatening injuries. Actively monitoring situation. #Chelsea

Sep 17, 2016 (NEW YORK CITY) Officials confirm 25 people were injured from an explosive device in the Chelsea neighborhood of New. York City. According to several news media, ambulances and fire trucks converged into the area where a deafening blast was heard. The location was between 6th and 7th avenue and 23rd street.

There are multiple police on the scene, including the FBI. This comes after another attack in tne morning in New Jersey. They are calling this possibly an improvised explosive device. Mayor Bill DeBlasio is on tje way to the scene.

This is the place where the explosion allegedly happened, and was taken by a bystander as he was leaving the scene as ordered by officers.


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