Trump: African-American Communities In ‘Worst Shape’ Ever

Sep 23, 2016 (Sam Diego) One has to wonder. Do they teach any history at the Warthon School of Business? And if they do, perhaps their unit on slavery is gone since Donald Trump said something that quite honestly is silly. Moreover, for a candidate that wants to reach out for a minority community who’s history includes slavery, lynching and Jim Crow, one has to wonder…did Trump sleep through history classes? One also has to wonder if he ever watched WalterCronkite  during the evening news during the 1960s? Or even later, when conditions were reported?

Suffice it to say the data, yes real world data, actually says he is wrong. This is not just limited to the history of slavery, or the lynchings, after all southern trees did bear strange fruit, or Jim Crow. Perhaps though there is something else at play.  This is willful ignorance.  That is the kind of willful ignorance that is expected from Trump, and at this point his sons as well. Suffice it to say, there is a thriving Middle Class. We also have very well to do members of the community. While it is true we do have pockets of deep poverty, but somehow I do not expect Trump to actually address income inequality.

When his son, Donald Trump Jr,  tweeted that image of skittles saying that three of them were poisoned, that allegory goes back to the Holocaust.Originally the poisoned candy was a Jew, not three Syrian refugees.  This is the same son that also referred to gas chambers. As much as he said he was talking of the death chamber in state prisons, people immediately got another   meaning: a direct reference to Aushwitz.

So here is the question that immediately comes to mind. Is the family just that ignorant of history? Or are we dealing with a family that has some real issues with racism? There are other issues as well. We know Trump has made some very troublesome statements regarding press freedoms. We also know he would love to brings stop and frisk policies to the whole country, never mind the constitutional issues, as well as the targetted nature of the policy directed at black and brown youth.

The questions are raised, and they should be raised. The dig whistles are now quite open.


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