El Cajon PD Confirms Officer Involved Shooting

Rumbie Mubaiwa via. Facebook

Sep 27, 2016 (El Cajon) An officer involved  shooting has been confirmed by El Cajon Police though their Twitter account.
El Cajon PoliceSep 27 El Cajon Police@elcajonpolice

Officers responded to an erratic subject that ended with an officer involved shooting. We will post updates here as they are available.

While the department has released very little information, though we do know a male was transported to an area hospital, we know from a video posted by Rumbie Mubaiwa on her Facebook account that the sister called the police at least two times before. She told him he had some mental issues. Officers, according to witnesses, shot him after he reached for something in his pocket.

According to Mubaiwa “she called for help.” She said they called three times and “gave him no help.”

The sister, and we could not make the name, repeteadly asks why they did not use a taser on him.

We are linking to the video. It is very hard to warch, and while not graphic, as in blood, it is very emotional. It is also over 13 minutes long

We are also linking to the American Civil Liberties Union application that will upload to the cloud
The National Action Network, San Diego are also making themselves available in this time of crisis. Contact them here.


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