Mayor Wells Gives Update in Officer Involved Shooting

Sep 28, 2016 (El Cajon) Mayor Bill Wells gave an update on the officer involved shooting of Alfred Olango, 30. He identified the officer as 21 veteran of the force Richard Gonzalves. Though the name of the second officer, who used a Taser, was not released, but he is also a 21 year veteran of the force.

He was asked about the response time and what was alleged by the family, and he said that all that will be part of the investigation. He also said that the responding officers were not part of the Psychiatric Emergency Response Team. He also said that why will be part of the investigation.

Wells said “we want people not to jump to conclusions.” Though he also said that he watched the video. He said, “I saw a man who was distraught, I saw a man who was in pain, I saw him gunned down and killed.” He understood why the family was distraught, but emphasized that so were the officer’s family.

The process would involve investigators from the Department, who will turn all over to the District Attorney, but he did say that the Federal Bureau of Investigations will be involved as well.

Supervisor Dianne Jacob also addressed the media. She asked for calm as well. She reminded the viewers that the East County was the site of two school shootings and the community came out of those stronger, and more unified. She did confirm that “the District Attorney is the overseer of the investigation.” She asked people to ask until all facts are out. She also said that all county resources have been made available, and she gave the example of the Sheriffs Officers already in the field.


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