El Cajon Police Release Video of Officer Involved Shooting

Sep 30, 2016 (El Cajon) The City of El Cajon has released the  surveillance and cell phone video showing the fatal shooting of Alfred Olango. The video was released “for the sake and well being of the community.” This is accoring to Police Chief Jeff Davis.

Chief Davis also showed the vaping device, which is a square device with a tube coming out the front. He also said that the 911 dispatcher was told Olango was not armed.

The video showed Olango pacing back and forth in the parking lot before he was approached by officers. District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis also said that this is still an ongoing investigation, and there is no conclusion as to whether charges will be filed.

Over the first two days we heard many activists ask why they were not releasing the video. If there is nothing to hide, they asked, why only the single still lifted from the video? The demands for the release did not just come from the streets, but also from public officials, and civil leaders.

This release is also an effort to calm passions, and while the department has been more open, they also asked businesses to close early, and the school district let their students out early.

Update. You can watch the video hosted by Snopes.


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