Prop 65: Plastic Bag Revenue to go To Wildlife Conservation Fund 

Oct 10, 2016 (an Diego) this is the competing proposition to prop 67. A yes vote means that voters want the funds collected under prop 67 going to the wildlife conservation fund. Voting no would leave the provisions of 67 in place, letting stores use those funds to recycle bags, and pay for the costs.

This is confusing on purpose. This was put on the ballot by the American Progressive Bag Alliance which opposes Senate Bill 270, that would;d mandate stores to charge 10 cents to recycle compost and get reusable grocery bags. It would be spent in educating consumers.

The yes on 56 campaign is also supported by the California Republican Party, and a few individuals. According to Ballotpedia supporters argue:

  • The proposition would stop the deal made between legislators and lobbyists that allowed grocery stores to keep plastic bag fee revenue as extra profits.
  • The proposition gives voters an additional opportunity to voice how they want revenue from bag bans to be spent.
  • The proposition would dedicate plastic bag fee revenue to environmental projects like drought relief and litter removal, and would make the California Wildlife Conservation Board responsible for allocating the revenue generated from plastic bag fees.

The opponent list is also small:


  • Libertarian Party of California
  • California Peace and Freedom Party
  • Santa Monica Democratic Club
  • Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club


  • League of Women Voters of California
  • Clean Water Action
  • Surfrider Foundation
  • California Environmental Justice Alliance Action
  • California Nurses Association

They also state:

The proposition would only serve the interests of plastic bag companies and would distract from phasing out plastic bags entirely.

The proposition would do little to help the environment, as plastic bags need to be eliminated completely in order to have an effective impact.

The proposition would create an unnecessary bureaucracy to deal with a small amount of revenue.[18]

The proposition would undermine retail support for Proposition 67 by turning the 10 cent fee for retailers into a government tax.[20]

Proponents of the proposition are attempting to confuse voters.

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