City of San Diego Measure E


Oct 13, 2016 (San Diego) Remember the Bob Filner Saga? Remember the fact that there was no way to legally remove the mayor? This measure is in direct response to that mess. It says that it creates a legal way to remove a mayor for felonious behavior. It also extends to the City Council and the City Attorney. So it is not precisely targeted to just one office.

Here is what it does:

Require that the City Attorney have been licensed to practice law in California for ten years when seeking office;

Provide more detail regarding who performs duties. and what duties may be performed, when an elective office is vacant;

Define what is a vacancy for all elective officers, also adding felony conviction and physical or mental incapacity as new grounds for vacancy;

Add a section providing for the removal of elective officers for dereliction of duty or malfeasance in office by special election;

and Add a section providing a uniform procedure for filling vacancies in the elective offices of Mayor, City Attorney and City Council.

For the record it has no organized opposition to it. What it does, according to the city attorney is very simple: “The Charter currently addresses vacancies occurring after the death, resignation, or recall of Councilmembers and the Mayor. If approved, the Charter amendments would define vacancy for all elective officers, and add mental or physical incapacity, felony conviction, and removal as additional causes of vacancies. ”

It also has broad support, as in the following organizations support it: “Measure E is unanimously supported by the City Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the League of Women Voters and the San Diego County Taxpayers Association. ” Mind you, these are organizations that at times find themselves in polar opposites.

It is not a matter of if, but when we have anther political scandal, it should make removal of the offending politician easier.



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