Community Review Board: Measure G

Oct 18, 2016 (San Diego) this measure took a long way to the ballot and it is still not nearly what activists desire. Measure G will change the name of the Citizens´s Board on Police Practices. The name will change to the Community Review Board on Police Practices.

Per the ballot measure it will also add a jurisdiction over deaths in custody.  It will also reflect the changes in the city to a strong mayor form of government.

Shall section 43(d) of the City Charter be amended to rename the Citizens’ Review Board on Police Practices as the Community Review Board on Police Practices, to replace references to “City Manager” with “Mayor and City Council,” and to require the board to review all deaths occurring while someone is in the custody of the San Diego Police Department and all police officer-related shootings? [2]

Activists worked for over two years with city council to try to get a board that in their eyes had real teeth. Right now activists feel the board essentially follows police, and has no independence. They proposed the city adopt a model more like what the County of San Diego has for the Sheriff’s Office, which includes independent investigators and independence from law enforcement. This was a compromise for the city. To say that everybody is happy would be a lie.

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