Lawsuit and Injunction Filed Against ECPD

Oct 17, 2016 (EL CAJON) San Diego lawyer Bryan Pease has filed an injunction against the El Cajon Police Department From the Facebook notice, this is what it says:

The U.S. District Court has set a hearing on our motion for temporary restraining order filed on behalf of NAACP and several individuals falsely arrested for holding peaceful protests and vigils in the wake of the Alfred Olango shooting. El Cajon Police and San Diego Sheriffs continue falsely arresting anyone who shows up to the vigil site and have implemented what amounts to martial law in the area.

Also the department and the Sheriffs office was also served with a lawsuit over the arrests on October 1, that alleges the officers did not respect the civil rights of protesters, who were not breaking the law.

The federal lawsuit names the El Cajon Police Department, the City of El Cajon and the Sheriffs Office.  It alleges that the gathering on the 1st was peaceful, and mostly a prayer circle, but was after hours. It inconvenienced the police which was monitoring this meeting. It alleges the police violated the rights of those it arrested to peaceful assembly.


Photo Laila Azis, via Facebook

The arrests happened at the memorial site for Robert Olango who died on September 27, after his sister called 911 three times for help. Ever since we have had on and off protests in the area, with a few that have led to the deployment of police. Today the police took the step of erecting an observation tower at the parking lot where Los Panchos is, 777 Broadway.

The memorial was torn down over the course of the weekend as well.


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