Measure M, Increase in Affordable Housing Units

Oct 18, 2016 (San Diego) This measure raises the number of units that the city, or other state agencies can acquire or help develop, that are deemed affordable. The city has a crisis in housing, not just affordable housing, We simply do not have enough.

This measure does not do much though to change this, It only increases the limit to 38, 680 that the city can be involved in. It does not mandate the acquisition or actual creation of these units,

This is the impartial city attorney analysis.

Under existing law, the City of San Diego and certain other public agencies will be allowed to help develop, construct, or acquire approximately 3,247 affordable housing units in the City for people with low incomes.

If this measure is approved by voters, the agencies would be allowed to help develop, construct, or acquire up to 38,680 units more than the current limit. If the measure is not approved, the agencies would be prohibited from helping to develop, construct, or acquire any more units than the current limit.

This measure would have no other effect on existing law.

This measure would not create an obligation to build any specific housing units. It would not grant approval for any particular development. It would not identify locations for the housing units.

This measure would not require public agencies to provide funding for the units or change any applicable regulations and processes regarding funding. It would not raise taxes.

This measure would not remove any requirements that otherwise might apply to the development of any particular project, such as requirements to obtain permits or analyze a project’s impact on the environment.

The City Council of the City of San Diego placed this measure on the ballot for voter consideration after hearing a report from the San Diego Housing Commission that the City is approaching the current affordable housing unit limit.

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