Measure H: Purchasing and Contracting City of San Diego


Oct 20, 2016 (San Diego) This will consolidate how the process happens into a single process. From the City Attorney analysis:

City contracting rules are found in the Charter, the San Diego Municipal Code, and Council Policy. Many requirements in those documents are duplicative. If approved by voters, this measure would repeal and consolidate into one section several Charter provisions regarding purchasing and contracting, requiring that contracts for public works, goods, services, and consultants be competitively bid in compliance with rules adopted by the City Council by ordinance. Charter provisions requiring public works contracts to be awarded to the lowest responsible and reliable bidder would be repealed. Instead, the Municipal Code would be the primary document to provide specific requirements for City contracting.

The measure would continue the exceptions to competitive bidding currently found in the Charter, the Municipal Code, and state law. The Council would be required to adopt an ordinance regarding a competitive process to award consultant contracts, because the existing process is governed by Council Policy that is passed by resolution.

Both the Charter and state law prohibit City officials from having a conflict of interest in City contracting. The wording each law uses is different, however, which could lead to inconsistent results under the Charter and state law. If approved, this measure would amend the Charter to adopt California’s conflict of interest laws for City contracting and allow the City to rely on interpretive opinions from state courts and administrative agencies in determining whether a conflict of interest exists.

If approved, the measure would not immediately have a significant effect on the City’s purchasing and contracting processes, but would provide the Council with authority to make changes by ordinance, instead of through a public vote. Ordinances changing the City’s contracting processes would be subject to referendum.

This measure was proposed by City staff involved with the procurement and contracting process, approved by the Council’s Charter Review Committee, and placed on the ballot by the Council. If approved, the Charter amendments would become effective after they are chaptered by the California Secretary of State

It seems to bring all in line with current practice and make it easier to award contracts.

Here is the full text 

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