”We Will No Longer Be Afraid,” Quis, El Cajon Activist

QPhotos: Nadin and Tom Abbott
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Oct 23, 2016 (EL CAJON) They came, children, fathers, mothers, to march, reflect and speak about Alfred Olango, and police transparency. They came to speak about how they are no longer afraid. They will keep marching, and get involved in the process. They will not stop until “justice or else” happens. And by that, they mean that peacefully they are making demands, and they will continue to be peaceful.

Bishop Cornelious Bowzer was very clear in the list of demands that the activists once regarding the death Alfred Olango, at the hands of officer Richard Gonsalves last month. This is the list, though we are also embedding complete videos, so you can watch them at your pleasure.

* Full and independent Investigation by the Department of Justice. Those investigations have to be independent and not involved in any way with the case. This includes policing the protesters.
* A federal investigation into the treatment of protesters by law enforcement.
* A fair, independent external investigation.
* An investigation into the suppression of freedom of assembly and the right to protest.
During his speech he also mentioned the systematic intimidation that happened on Monday night, that was Oct 17. That was the day that there was a full SWAT call out, and the claim that there was a young man with a gun. Activists and clergy told a consistent story today. There was no gun. In fact, no gun was found. We are not going to tell the story for them, but let them speak. The videos are embedded, the first video has some of the very peaceful march down Main, to Magnolia and back to the police station. It has the person handling the event (forgive us for not getting her name) telling people to show up to the City Council meeting on Tuesday and Bishop Bowser.

The second video has other members of the clergy. Pastor Russell Bowman and Hugh Muhammad, of the Nation of Islam. The final video has Rumbie Mubaiwa, Colion, and Ebonay Lee, the emerging leaders among the El Cajon youth. We are also including a comprehensive gallery, including one of the officers watching the march from the Police Station. There was also a single squad car and a second officer in the parking structure. Traffic control was handled by Nation of Islam members and other youth activists. At no point was there a direct interaction between police and marchers.

As you will hear in the videos, most of these are El Cajon residents speaking, about issues dear to them. This includes the creation of a Police Civilian Review Board, recommended by a grand jury, but rejected three weeks before Olango’s shooting death at 700 Broadway. We must also add that there is a hearing in Federal Court slated for Thursday to deal with some of the civil rights issues that Bowser addressed. Moreover, Olango’s sister has already filed a suit against the city of El Cajon over the death of her brother.
First the demands:

The Clergy:

The young leaders that are emerging in El Cajon:


Name spellings corrected after I met the two people today, and got the correct spelling. Our apologies.


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