Water Protectors Camp in North Dakota Cleared by Force

Unicorn Riot‏ @UR_Ninja

Confirmed: >=107 arrests today during Morton County operation to push water protectors off treaty land for Dakota Access Pipeline. #NoDAPL 


Update: this is a first hand account. More is starting to trickle out 
VIA Kandi Mossett

Friends and Family. I just made it back to my computer. My car is at the frontline with my phone in it because it was charging and then they came with tanks and riot police and I got caught off guard when one of those sound grenades went off and someone next to me got shot with what we think was a rubber bullet or bean bag bullets and looked like it broke his ribs. Later another guy right next to me was grabbed randomly by police and I got shoved into them and so they sprayed everyone and I got hit by the spray but stayed on the front line as they backed us up back towards the camp. This is a severely edited version but it was choas and like war and I’m sick like I feel ill but I’m ok and some people were arrested and they took Casey Camp when she was praying and it was insane. I can’t believe what happened to us today. There were fires with vehicles and equipment on fire and military tanks and police atv’s surrounding us and two helicopters and one plane flying overhead. There was a sniper in the water and he got surround by our people and the BIA came to arrest him and they were using the MRAP sound machine on us and people were hurt today by the police. It was all the police escalating and escalating because they came and forcibly removed us forcing us back to the reservation line. I have to lay down a moment and drink water or eat or something I feel sick but wanted to let people know I did not get taken and am ok

And a second first hand. Remember, we are taking them as is. Videos coming out support these first hand accounts. 
Wasté Win Young

I seen an 18 year old young man get shot while on a horse today–then his horse. I was standing 20 feet away. I seen young warriors on horse being chased on atv’s, being shot at. I seen our former chairman get arrested. I seen an unci get maced right in the face. I seen the cops drag 2 men from the sweatlodge feet from me… In their underwear and slammed face down into the ground and arrested. All these crimes were committed against our people on land guaranteed to our people under the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851. #America #NoDapl #MniWiconi #BuffaloNation

Oct 27, 2016 (NORTH DAKOTA) The videos and photos emerging from a camp established on private property are chilling. They show a large force of militarized police moving in towards protesters and effecting what looks like mass arrests. We are going to run a gallery of them, and they were all taken by Wes Enzine at the camp. He is one of the leaders that is trying to keep the line.

In this case, these photographs are telling a very powerful story. It also is telling a story as old as the country, where the rights of native peoples are trampled in favor of corporate rights. This has also been the largest gathering of native peoples since Wounded Knee in 1971, and like Wounded Knee, law enforcement is now taking action, using Mine Resistant vehicles and what looks like National Guard Humvees

This story has included the arrests of working media, in violation of the First Amendment and is currently being covered by the Guardian and the BBC, as well as Democracy Now. 

It is through these sources that we know that Jesse Jackson is on the scene and he is trying to get the White House to intervene. This is a fast developing story. It is one that affects all of us and given that we are in the midst of a mass extinction that is a larger reality that has yet to enter coverage.

“This is what it’s all about,” protestor says. “Sacred water.” Not sure guys on left agree.





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