Lawsuits Brought Against ECPD and The City of El Cajon




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Nov 3, 2016 (EL CAJON) Three lawsuits were announced against the City of El Cajon and the police department. They stem from the death of Alfred Olango at the hands of Officer Richard Gonsalves on Sep 27.

During the announcement Attorney Brian Dunn, representing the children of Alfred Olango remarked, “we don’t want another family to go through this.” He added that he is often asked why litigation? “It is to seek justice.”

The objective ultimately is not just monetary, but to change how not just the El Cajon Police Department responds to calls involving mental health. They seek reforms nationwide.

Reverend Shane Harris, President of the local National Action Network Chapter also said: “in this fight for justice we will not hold any punches but we will strategically fight. There may be dark moments that happen but by the last round of the fight we will get up after bring knocked down with more strength and courage than before. The officer that’s on paid administrative leave at home is gonna have to pay all of that money back because he has killed our brother, but not only that he is going to have to face God in the future. ” Today we also continued to make our case for why the federal DOJ must get involved immediately and investigate the El Cajon Police Department.”




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